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Sao Paulo is a city as diverse as New York. With all its immigrants from around the world, Sao Paulo has a selection of food choices not found anywhere else in Brazil. Furthermore, the city is rich and thus attracts the top cooks and chefs, and as a result has the best restaurants. Overall, everything is classier in Sao Paulo then anywhere else in Brazil, including Rio. Restaurants are more elegant and people conscientiously dress up for going out to dinner, which they do practically every night of the week. In Sao Paulo many restaurants start to overflow with people only at 9 or 10 pm, and some stay open as late as 3 am. Cariocas (Rio residents) love to enjoy the food and ambience and are leisurely and festive in their dining; yet Paulistanos are the definition and example for all of Brazil on what fine dining really is. As a result of this (and the cooler weather) street vendors and botequins are not as popular. Hotel restaurants serve international foods and are often also great dining options. The Jardins district is the center of the fine-dining scene, and thus the social scene as well!

Massimo (Italian)
This is one of the top Italian restaurants in Sao Paulo. The diners can choose from one of the 35 daily specials from all over Italy and enjoy great Italian food in a relaxing atmosphere.
Alameda Santos 1826, Cerquiera Cesar.

Bambi (Middle Eastern)
Generous portions are served in this restaurant whose menu offers delicious popular Middle Eastern food but also offers the choice of Brazilian dishes.
Alameda Santos 59, Paraiso.

Bolinha (Brazilian)
The best place to get feijoada every day and into the night! A set price basically turns it into an all you can eat feijoada feast. There is a large selection of meat and fish dishes offered as well.
Av. Cidade Jadrim 53, Jardim Europa.

Many great Japanese and Chinese restaurants can be found in Liberdade, where there is a Japanese food market in the square next to the Metro. Some recommended Asian restaurants include:
Sushi Yassu (Japanese) Rua Tomas Gonzaga 98, Liberdade
Enomoto Rua Galvao Buena 54, Liberdade
Kar Wua (Chinese) R Mourato Coelho 30, Vila Beatriz
Iti Fuji (Japanese) Al Jua 487, Cerquera Cesar

Mestico (Thai)
Two women, one from Thailand and one from Bahia, run this restaurant. Together they create delicious and interesting food combinations.
Rua Fernando de Alburquerque 277, Consolacao

Comida por Kilo (food by the pound) restaurants can be found everywhere, are very popular, and many can be found on Rue Augusta.

Famiglia Mancini (Italian)
This is a very popular Italian restaurant, especially from 8 until midnight when you will definitely have to wait in line. It has the traditional Italian restaurant feel on the inside and all the pasta dishes you could imagine.
Rua Avanhandava 81, Centro

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