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Sao Paulo is the most diverse and dynamic city in all of Brazil, and is the economic center of Latin America. A raging nightlife and over 1,000 restaurants is paired with excellent shopping locations and beautiful parks. City tours are a great way to become introduced with the many different layers of this cosmopolitan city.

City Tour and Snake Farm (Half-Day)
This tour takes you to see a majority of the important highlights within Sao Paulo: the Higienopolis area, Pacaembu Stadium, Clinic Hospital, Medical School, and University of Sao Paulo. You will visit the Butantan Institute where the antidote against snake bites and many tropical diseases is produced. Further along is a view atop the Morumbi Hill, and then a stop-over at the Staten Government Palace Morumbi and the Sao Paulo Soccer Stadium. The beautiful Ibirpuera Park that holds beautiful lakes and gardens allows for a peaceful rest from the bustling outside city, and you will then proceed to finish the tour by passing by the City Hall, Planetarium, the Roosevelt Square, Paulista Avenue and the Bienal Building which holds International Art exhibitions all year round. The Butanta Snake Farm is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sao Paulo. All of the snakes are milked of their poison six times a day. Along with all the incredible slithering snakes the center also deals with spider and scorpion venom and is a research institution. You are guided through the museum of poisonous animals and public health, and are given explanations and information on the many animals, procedures and applications of the venoms.

Full Day Tour: In addition to the above activities, you will also visit the Latin America Memorial, which was a project of Oscar Niemeyer, one of the most important and famous architects of Brazil. The memorial is open Tuesday to Sunday and houses all kinds of cultural information about Latin America. The tour ends with an exploration of the Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade.

Campinas Coffee Plantation Tour (full-day)
Sao Paulo gained much of its wealth through the days of the coffee boom when it was one of the largest exporters of coffee beans, making coffee plantations an integral part of Sao Paulo's history. You depart in the morning to Campinas where you will visit Monte D'este Farm whose main product is coffee beans. A visit to the coffee house will take you down the history of this Coffee Farm. As you walk throughout the farm with an informative guide you will see all the stages of growth coffee takes: from the first planting to the crop.

Museum Tour (half day)
Visit the top museums in Sao Paulo. The Art Museum of Sao Paulo (MASP) holds an excellent collection of western art from the 14th to early 20th century, with each country represented. The Ipiranga Museum, located where Pedro I declared Brazilian Independence, houses excellent Brazilian art, and the Museu do Imigrante, which has felt the passage of over three million Brazilian immigrants through its gates.

Santos/ Guaruja (Full Day)
The first stop on the tour is the Independence Monument where you are able to take a photo with this historic monument. You will then be taken on 11 miles of winding road that passes through the Atlantic Forest and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountain areas. You arrive in Santos, one of the first Brazilian towns, founded in 1535. You are guided through the town, exploring the biggest port in Brazil, the main and most important residential areas, and along the beaches of Gonzaga and Sao Vicente. The tour then continues to Guaruja, passing the Cubatao district, which is the biggest petroleum center of Latin America. After strolling along the beautiful beaches on the coast of Sao Paulo you will stop at the Delphin Hotel for a snack. Returning to Sao Paulo you will stop at the orchidarium in Santos and finally the 200 year old Historical Church.

Shopping Tour
Visit- and shop- at the top shopping areas of Sao Paulo Iguatemi and Eldorado with a knowledgeable guide that will show you the best shops for what you are interested in.

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