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The Tram that takes tourists and locals through the historic neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Once you decide on what destinations you want to visit, transportation is one of the first logistical questions you aught to look into. Selecting the right method of transportation and itinerary is not a simple process, but this section may get you started.

Air Travel
International Flights
Most international airlines fly to the metropolises of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The two main Brazilian airlines are Varig and TAM. These fly to many international destinations of the world. If you are planning to visit several South American countries, a good option might be the Mercosur Pass, which allows you to visit all participating countries (Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile) with a minimum of 2 stops and a maximum of 8, with a restriction of 2 stops per country.

Domestic Flights
Since Brazil is such a vast country, the only viable way of transport if you want to visit a variety of regions and cities is by air. Regular fares on domestic carriers are very expensive, but for foreigners there is an affordable way to travel with the purchase of a Brazil Airpass, offered bay the two main Brazilian airlines: Varig and TAM. These offer a number of flights over a set time period- with the price, number of flights, and destinations varying. Air passes also need to be booked and purchased outside of Brazil. Make sure to research the fine print for the different flights; often excluded are the connection flights between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The Airpass may be a good option for you when you travel inside the country of Brazil. This airpass has a number of restrictions and factors that vary its price. Read about the basic rules here.
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If you would like to arrange flights within Brazil, there are very few inexpensive ways to go about doing that. One good option is to buy the flights from a specialized Brazilian travel agency before traveling. The individual internal flights may cost significantly less than the price you would pay if dealing directly with the airline.

Bus Travel
Bus travel is very affordable but is only practical if you are on a very long visit to Brazil and have hours to spare. For shorter distances, Brazilian buses are excellent options: bus stations are clean and efficient, non-smoking, with tickets that can be purchased and reserved ahead of time. On popular routes travelers can opt for a deluxe coach with air conditioning and reclining seats. For more information check individual destination chapters or local travel agencies, or contact the bus station (rodoviaria) directly.

Car Travel
Car rentals are expensive and the distances are huge. Brazilian drivers are aggressive and hardly ever follow any rules, and renting a car in the cities may prove troublesome. However, small side trips, like a visit to the mountain resorts of Rio for instance, would be made simple and efficient with a car rental. Prices start at $50 USD per day, plus $0.27 USD per kilometer. To rent a car in Brazil you simply need a driver's license and a credit card.

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