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Varig Airlines sells the Brazil Airpass to visit many destinations in Brazil The Brazil Airpass is the most economical way to travel within Brazil, if you are planning on visiting several cities or regions during your stay. The pass is offered only to foreigners or Brazilians residing outside of the country, provided that they have a round trip ticket.

There are many different airpasses, offered by Varig and TAM airlines, and they vary in the amount of coupons and the amount of different flight destinations, with 9 being the most they offer and in the regions and airlines they serve. Price depends on the amount of coupons, so a TAM Brazil Airpass that serves the entire country and offers up to 4 coupons costs $399 USD while the same pass but with 5 coupons offered costs $499 USD.

Some Airpasses are available only to Star Alliance member flights, listed below.

General Rules of the Airpass:
Please make sure to read the fine print of each Airpass checking for restrictions that may affect you. Also, beware that someconnecting flights between major cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are not included in the pass. For convenience, we recommend that you purchase the Airpass through specialized Brazilian travel agency.

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