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Within the wide boundaries of its borders Brazil holds an incredible variety of eco-tourist attractions: diverse ecosystems, large wilderness areas, heart stopping landscapes, a large and systemized national park conservation system, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and places such as Bonito in the Pantanal that offer many different adventure activities. There are also beautiful beaches spanning Brazil's extensive coastline, and even important archaeological sites as well.

Due to Brazil's financial and administrative struggles over the years, the development of ecotourism was only truly started in the 80's, and in 1994 official Brazilian ecotourism guidelines were developed. Today, there are over 100 purely nature-based destinations in Brazil.

A good example of what is NOT ecotourism is trekking in the Atlantic Forest: the activity itself is not considered ecotourism, unless a guide or tour operator emphasizes environmental awareness, education and conservation. An example of what does constitute responsible ecotourism is Bonito's restriction against using flippers during diving so as not to damage the rock formations and underwater flora and fauna.

EcoTourism as such is thus any nature related activity that gives back to the environment at least as much as it receives into its pocket. Preservation, education and conservation through community effort are the real fruits of this activity.

Ecotourist Regions
There are a number of regions in Brazil that are regarded as locations for ecotourism. Read more about these regions below. Amazonia
Coastline and Oceanic islands
Savanna and Plateau
Atlantic Forest and Mountain Regions
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Safety in EcoTourism
Maybe one of the greatest things that ecotourists get to experience in their journeys are worlds that are as disparate from the life they lead at home as can be. As such, you should be mentally and physically prepared for the changes in environment, and account for adaptations needed and be aware of your own physical limitations.
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