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Family Vacation to Brazil

Taking a family trip to Brazil may provide for a really extraordinary experience both for you and your young one(s). Rio de Janeiro offers an atmosphere that is very friendly to children, as Cariocas love kids and treat them with a lot of love and warmth. The beaches of Rio are excellent places to enjoy a vacation with your kids.

If your child is a nature lover and an explorer at heart, the Amazon and the Pantanal provides for really great family trips. Both regions offer great lodging opportunities and easy paced activities that are also full of information and insight.

Bonito in the Pantanal is also one of the best places to go snorkeling and explore the many beautiful lakes and caves. There are plenty of easy activities which leave even the already acquainted breathless and that anyone can do- including your 5 year old!

To save time, money, and have a better vacation, contact a travel agent specializing in Brazil.

Family Accommodations
Almost all lodgings in Brazil are suited to accommodate two or three passengers. A family of four or more will most likely have to get two separate rooms. Some suites and apart-hotels can accommodate four or more people, but they are not easy to find. Another option is to pre-book adjoining rooms. Such information has not made it to Expedia or other mass-tourism sites, and again, a Brazil-specialized travel agency can be helpful.

Excursions, Tours, and Transfers
On the brighter side, families have an advantage when it comes to booking services such as day excursions and tours, or transfers. Because a family has more people together, they can opt for private services with private guides and divide the tab amongst all the members of their group. An average group excursion will be more expensive per person than an average private family of four excursion. There is a big difference between group and private excursions, and this time, families reap the benefits.

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