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Visiting during Holidays in Brazil

Beautiful Brazil is an amazing country to visit when the locals are celebrating one of their many holidays. The cities of Brazil take on a special aura and the locals show all their amazing colors.

Travelers need to take into consideration visiting Brazil during such times. Certain tours and activities may not be available, parts of the cities may be desolate, and hotels may charge rates many times their regular price. The following page will give you the basic information necessary to plan ahead.

Carnival and New Year's Celebrations in Rio de Janeiro
Both of these celebrations are truly amazing and unforgettable. Proper considerations need to be taken when you visit this region.
New Year's Celebration in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival Celebration in Rio de Janeiro

Other Holidays
There are also a number of other holidays that are celebrated in Brazil. For a full listing of the major holidays visit the following page.
Complete List of Brazilian Holidays

Making Reservations
After Carnaval, this is the single largest event in Rio de Janeiro. Unsurprisingly, reservations need to be made far ahead of time, to ensure you get the hotel, room and accommodations you want. At this time, prices do inflate, and most hotels have minimum night stays. Make sure to book early! Contact AR Tourism for the best hotels, and packages, and to get details on all of your options.

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