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The following is a list of the major Brazilian holidays and events that your should take note of before you make your travel plans. There are also links to further information about some of the more popular holidays.

Date Location Description
Jan 1 Rio de Janeiro Ano Novo This is celebrated all over the world, but the biggest party is in Rio where nearly 2 million people gather at Copacabana Beach to party. The events start on December 31 and continue into the morning of January 1. There are live music venues and fireworks as well as Candomble ceremonies. More..
Jan 6 Salvador Three Kings Festival. The city celebrates the nativity with a procession on the coast and events near the Praca da Se.
Jan Salvador Festival of the Good Lord Jesus of the Seafarers. On the first Sunday of the year, the city of Salvador feasts and organizes a processional of hundreds of small sea vessels.
Jan Salvador Washing of the Steps of Bonfim ChurchOn the 3rd Thursday of January, this holiday is celebrated exclusively in Salvador and is one of the most important religious ceremonies in the region. Hundreds of women in traditional Bahian clothing gather around the church to wash its steps.
Jan 20 Rio Saint Sebastian Day This is a huge party in honor of the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro.
Feb Rio de Janeiro & Salvador Carnaval 40 days before lent, usually in late February, the enormous celebration of Carnaval happens in Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil. More..
Feb Brazil-wide Festa de Lemanja This festival occurs all over Brazil. Beginning with fireworks at five am, this festival honors the Yoruban goddess of the salt waters. People offer flowers and jewelry to the sea. The largest celebration is in Salvador on Praia Vermelha.
Mar Brazil-wide Easter Weekend (Semana Santa) This important Catholic holiday is celebrated all over Brazil with processions and concerts.
Mar Nova Jerusalem Passion Play Ten days after Easter, South America's largest passion play takes place in Nova Jerusalem, just outside of Recife in Brazil's Northeast.
Mar Sao Paulo Formula 1 Gran Prix The last weekend in March or April, the city of Sao Paulo hosts this international racing event annually.
Mar Salvador PercPan A percussion festival where a number of Brazilian music sensations perform along with Brazilian percussion groups.
Mar 12 Amazon Festa de Sao Jose The city of Macapa features a week-long celebration honoring the city's patron saint. Ends on March 19th.
Apr 16-21 Brazil-wide Tiradentes This is a national holiday with celebrations and events taking place all over Brazil.
May Brazil-wide Festa do Divino Epirito Santo The whole country celebrates a religious festival by giving alms to the poor, processionals, and folklore festivals.
June 13-14. Everywhere Festas Juninas This harvest festival is celebrated all over Brazil. It is very family oriented with music, bonfires, and fairs in honor of the saints Anthony, John, and Peter.
June Petropolis Bauernfest In the last weekend of June and the first week of July, this village celebrates its German heritage with a German food and music.
June Sao Paulo Carlton Dance Festival A dance festival in the metropolis.
June 10 Salvador Corpus Christi A festival in the Pelourinho district.
June 13 Salvador Festa de Santo Antonio Celebrates the patron saint of matrimony.
June 24 Salvador Sao Jaoa (Saint John) A harvest festival featuring forro music and dancing.
June 29 Salvador Festa de Sao Pedro (Saint Peter) A festival honoring the patron saint of widows and fishermen.
July 2 Salvador Bahian Independence Day A huge party Salvador style in Campo Grande.
July Ilhabela Sailing Festival Boat lovers won't want to miss the largest sailing event in Brazil, which takes place off the coast of Sao Paulo.
Sept 7 Brazil-wide Brazilian Independence Day This is Brazil's national holiday and is celebrated all over the country. Rio hosts the biggest party around the Avenida Rio Branco.
Sept 27 Salvador Sao Cosme e Sao Damiao In honor of two Arab saints and caruru is served, a traditional stew.
Oct Sao Paulo Sao Cosme e Sao Damiao This huge art event is celebrated every year in Ibirapuera Park and features the best Art, theater, music, and architecture that Sao Paulo has to offer.
Dec 4 Salvador Santa Barbara This festival honors the saint Barbara, whose is the Candomble equivalent of Iansa, the goddess of the wind. It is a huge party with food, processions, music and dancing.
Dec 24 Brazil-wise Christmas Eve Brazillians attend midnight Mass all over the country to celebrate.

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