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As Brazil is one of the few South American countries not to include the Andes Mountains, there are no permanent snowfields in Brazil. Like all of South America, Brazil's seasons are the reverse of the north. The country is split into four distinct climatic regions: the Amazon Basin, the Brazilian plateau, the coastlands within the tropics and the southern states.

The Amazon Basin is the largest area in the world with a typical equatorial climate. Rainfall in some places can exceed 2000 mm (80") and there is no real dry season. Tropical temperatures (27 - 32 °C / 80 - 90 °F) are typical.

The Brazilian Plateau is another very large region, but being south of the Amazon Basin and at a moderate altitude, it has a very different climate. There is a very distinct wet season at the time of high sun, with almost all the rainfall (about 1500 mm / 60") falling between October and April.

The tropical east coast (including Rio de Janeiro) has a typically hot tropical climate, although there are significant differences in the season of greatest rainfall from north to south.

Finally, the southern states have a warm temperate climate, although on the coast a distinct cooler season can produce frosts. Winter has a real significance in this region, and the difference between the seasons is determined by temperature rather than rainfall.

The cities of Rio, Manuas, Pantanal, Salvador, Recife, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia are all located in Brazil. Please go to the appropriate city to see the weather and climate page.

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