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Salvador de Bahia Weather

Salvador has a tropical climate all throughout the year. The humidity and hot temperatures, however, are relieved by the winds blowing in from the ocean. March is the warmest month, with highs in the mid 80's and lows in the mid 70's, while July is the coolest, with temperatures in the 70's.

Much like the weather in Rio, Salvador is quite pleasant all year. The summer temperature is around 80 F. The temperature starts to drop in April, the start of the Brazilian autumn, and then starts to get warmer in October. Even during the winter (July and August), the temperature doesn't drop below 75 F. Similar to other areas in Brazil, Salvador experiences a distinct wet season from April to July.

Although the weather is usually enjoyable any time of year, the optimum time to go is typically between February and June, especially February if you don't want to miss out on Carnival. During these months you can expect perfect weather for lounging on the beach or swimming, or for strolling down the avenues rich in history and culture.

Current Salvador de Bahia Weather Forecast
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Average Salvador de Bahia Temperatures

Month High °F Low °F High °C Low °C
Jan 87 75 31 24
February 87 76 31 24
Mar 87 76 31 24
Apr 86 75 30 24
May 85 74 29 23
June 83 72 28 22
July 82 71 28 22
Aug 82 71 28 22
Sep 83 72 28 22
Oct 84 73 29 23
Nov 85 74 29 23
Dec 86 74 30 23

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