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Sao Paulo is located in the South, making temperatures in the winter (June - September) a distinct difference to the other seasons, with cold and sometimes wind and rain. The winters are still very mild, with temperatures ranging from 55 to 75 F. The temperatures rarely hit freezing and on the occasion they do, it is big news. For most of the year Sao Paulo has a mild climate and with beach conditions that are similar to tropical Rio.

Because Sao Paulo is closer inland it shares similar weather conditions of southern towns in Brazil. Most of the time the weather is pleasant with no humidity and the temperature just right. Springtime (September - November) is very sunny and the temperature increases in the summer with some afternoon showers. In the Fall (March-June) Sao Paulo receives the most rainfall and the temperature ranging from 58 to 63 F.

The best time to visit Sao Paulo depends on how much you can stand the heat. The summer lasts from January to March, with temperatures rising as high as 90 F. This period also gets some afternoon showers, which can sometimes flood the city streets. The winter months of June and July are the driest time of year and temperatures never getting any colder than 55 F.

Current Sao Paulo Weather Forecast
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Average Sao Paulo Temperatures

Month High °F Low °F High °C Low °C
Jan 81 67 27 19
February 83 67 28 19
Mar 81 66 27 19
Apr 77 63 25 17
May 74 59 25 15
June 71 56 22 13
July 71 55 22 13
Aug 73 56 24 13
Sep 73 57 24 14
Oct 77 60 25 17
Nov 78 63 26 17
Dec 79 65 26 18

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