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Brazil Travel Glossary

Here are some common phrases that will help you get by when visiting Brazil.

Basic sentences & vocabulary
Hello! How are you?
Oi, tudo bem? (informal)
Oi, como vai? (formal)

Good morning.
Bom dia.

Good afternoon.
Boa tarde.

Good evening/night.
Boa noite.

How much does does it cost?
- Quanto custa?

- Excuse me, where is the _______?
- Por favor, onde fic o __________?

- Please
- Por favor

- Thank you
- obrigado/obrigada (male/female)

- Excuse me
- Da lienca, when passing or entering a place
- Por favor, when asking for help.


Eating Out
How many people?
Quantas pessoas?

I have a reservation for 5 people.
Fiz uma reserva para 5 pessoas.

I would like _______.
Quero um(a) _______.

Waiter, the bill please.
Garcon, a conta, por favor.

Further Portugese Information:
For more basic phrases and a pronunciation guide go to Sonia Portugese, which provides an easy to follow online handbook to Brazilian Portuguese.

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